Guitar Lessons In Maple Valley

Do you live in Maple Valley or the surrounding area and want to learn how to play the guitar? (Like Covington, Black Diamond, Enumclaw, Kent, Renton, etc. )

This is the right website for you.

My name is Ben and I am passionate about playing and teaching the guitar. I have been playing the guitar for more than 15 years and I am excited to show you how to play.

I remember what it was like looking at a guitar and thinking,

How in the world are you supposed to play this thing? There are so many places to put your fingers, where do you start?

Well I can tell you right now that learning to play the guitar is simple. In fact within the first lesson or 2 you could be playing an entire song.

Learning the guitar is a simple step by step process. Ill show you how to begin and from there you will be amazed how fast you’ll grow.

Take an Imagination Break with Me for a Second

Imagine yourself (or your child who wants to learn) in just a few short months from now in these two scenarios.

  1. You didn’t start taking lessons and you are just as confused about the guitar as ever.
  2. Now imagine yourself taking lessons, learning more and more each week, and in a few months from now being able to play 10 of your favorite songs on the guitar.

Option 2 is entirely possible. You just need to make the decision to start learning and you will never regret it.

Who is Ben and Why Take Lessons from Him?
That is a great question. I am a young man (30 years old) with a wife and three daughters. I have played guitar for more than 15 years. I play many styles and play acoustic, electric and bass. If you want to learn how to play any of these instruments I am your man.

I love teaching and training. I help as a volunteer at our churches youth group and have played on the worship team for as long as I have played the guitar.

My wife is also a music teacher who teaches piano and voice. Check out her website at We are a family of musicians and teachers and we love helping people learn to play an instrument. There is something powerful and exciting about learning an instrument and we encourage you to contact us today.